Day 1 of 2GGC: Civil War has already delivered on the hype in many ways. The doubles bracket featured many of the best players in the world, all of whom showed up and performed at the level of competition that has been expected. The bracket included star performances from players ranging from the ever present ZeRo/Nairo team to the audacious Zinoto/Marss team, the latter of which featured ballsy Lucario play, complete with Marss throwing a stock away at the beginning of the game to get an aura advantage. The bracket ultimately culminated in a grand finals victory for the Mexican dream team of MkLeo and Javi, a pair of cousins who took the bracket by storm. Their storyline is strong, what with MkLeo making waves with his insane runs at Genesis 4 and 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, leading into his similarly phenomenal doubles run with his cousin, both hailing from the neighboring country of Mexico.

That said, in my eyes the biggest storyline of the day comes from the team that got 5th: Team MVG.

Team MVG consisted of MVG.Salem and MVG.EchoFox.Mew2King at this tournament. The significance? They sent ZeRo/Nairo to losers with a swift 2-0. More importantly, this was our first glance on a Sm4sh focused Mew2King. While the performance put forward by MkLeo/Javi was more impressive, having only dropped two games the entire tournament (and only to ZeRo/Nairo in grand finals),  the stand out performance of Team MVG comes with the promise of an amazing run from Mew2King in singles. Mew2King, one of the 5 gods of Melee, has never focused solely on Smash 4 in a tournament. Typically, Mew2King plays through the bracket for a short while before dropping to losers, only to forfeit the rest of his matches so that he can focus on Melee. This is certainly a wise decision for Mew2King, seeing as his performance in Melee is consistently better and yields him greater results. That said, fans of Mew2King in the Smash 4 scene have been dreaming of the day when The King would find the time to play his way through a proper Smash 4 bracket with his eyes focused on Sm4sh top 8. Throughout the set against ZeRo/Nairo in pools, Mew2King showed the world why he has always been considered the best player to ever compete in the Smash Bros. franchise. His cerebral approach to the game, coupled with his ability to cope well in a team environment and his mastery of his main, Cloud, allowed him to dominate the match against the reputedly best team in the world. He and his teammate Salem absolutely annihilated the ZeRo/Nairo dynamic duo. They even completed the match in style, with Mew2King sealing the 2-0 with a double kill.

Mew2King showed us today why he is the best to ever compete in the franchise. While it may not have yielded a first place finish, his phenomenal performance had viewers on the edge of their seat with a crisp mastery of both the match and his character. I fully anticipate that The King will show us that face again tomorrow, and take the singles bracket by storm. One of the most beloved personalities in all of Super Smash Bros., the stage is set for Mew2King to make a splash unlike ever before in Smash 4.